Art Galleries in Healthcare

Arts & Crafts Class with Orinta Pranaitytė

Health & Social Care Setting, UK, 2020

Arts & Crafts Classes

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The Process of Display

The next stage prepares the art for installation. On the table, there is a selection of designs from Printmaking, Painting, and One-to-one classes which are created by seniors from the Residential, Nursing and Dementia Units. The Arts Practitioner creates a curation plan for display and works together with the residential homes interior.

Contemporary Art Gallery Wall

Before the gallery transformation, the wall displayed large scale black & white photography in the Dementia Unit’s dining room. How does the setting change once the senior's artworks replace the previous photographic images? Through observation in Coffee & Cake mornings with the public, it’s a significant mood booster. The various scenes, colours, and designs become a point of conversation with the carers, family, and staff. The seniors reminisce about past memories and they feel proud to have their art displayed on the walls.

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