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Photography: © Rafal Grzesiak

Faces of Lincoln Project, 2020

Decorative Fascinator Hat Design Project

Arts & Crafts Class with Orinta Pranaitytė

Health & Social Care Setting, UK, 2019


Three Months-Long Project

The decorative hat designs were created with a group of seniors (with ranging abilities) in Arts & Crafts classes in preparation for the magnificent Mad Hatters Tea Party event. Three months in advance, the Arts Practitioner introduced the project idea and explained about the process of the hat designs. The choice of materials used; easily bendable wire for the shapes, coloured tissue paper, card paper, PVA glue, glitter, buttons, and other small decorative items from the Activities recourses. To fix the final designs onto the headband, the Arts Practitioner used wire and a hot glue gun.

Step-by-Step Process

In the Arts & Crafts classes, the Arts Practitioner focused on one element at a time by using a step-by-step teaching method and one-to-one work. Each week, the group would complete a part of the hat, whilst also more seniors would join in and include their contributions. The creative process combined work from previous drawing and coloring art classes (drawing from the unconscious mind), and the later hat designs were more of a futuristic style.


Spectacular Result

For the Mad Hatters Tea Party event filled with music, the seniors proudly wore their designed and created fascinatior hats! Around the room, you were able to see elegant and minimal hats, as well as bright and exravagent one's. The fascinator hats perfectly suited the occassion and added an additional element of fun!

Hat Designs

This is a still motion photographic video, capturing the variety of fascinator hats created in three months with seniors (aged 65+).