Mandala Art for Health Project

Arts & Crafts Class with Orinta Pranaitytė

Mindful Mandala's exhibition at Milton Keynes University Hospital

Health & Social Care Setting, UK, 2019

About the Mandala's

A colour therapy ‘Mandala Art for Health’ group activity with seniors aged 65 + living with early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and Advanced Dementia. It’s a relaxing and creative Arts & Crafts session, which is focused around colouring a large scale pattern. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus on Mental Health is more important than ever, combating social isolation through conversations and the process of making art together.

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Healing Arts Programme

As part of a healing Therapeutic Arts programme, this activity benefits seniors of any ability. The mandala design is drawn free-hand on large scale card paper by the Arts Practitioner, and then split into sections for the seniors to participate in an interactive group activity. They add their choice of colour to the artwork, explore different mediums and materials to the create their unique style of art. Throughout, the Arts Practitioner talks to the seniors, rotates around the table and offers suggestions in a relaxing environment.

Exhibition Opportunity & Certificates

At the end of six months-long 'Mandala Art for Health' project, the seniors of Glenholme Holdingham Grange received their certificates of achievement for creating three wonderful and colorful designs to exhibit. Shortly afterwards, they received an opportunity to exhibit their work at Milton Keynes University Hospital, 2020, which is currently an online exhibition.

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Mindful Mandalas, MK University Hospital, 2021

Proud to announce the display of the resident’s artworks near the Neonatal Unit at Milton Keynes University Hospital as part of the Mindful Mandalas exhibition. The three large scale mandalas were created in Arts & Crafts classes at Holdingham Grange (2019). You can find more information on the links below.

Introduction to Mindful Mandalas, Arts for Health exhibition at Milton Keynes University Hospital

Mandala Art Project With Seniors - Glenholme Holdingham Grange