Arts & Crafts Class with Orinta Pranaitytė

Health & Social Care Setting, UK, 2019

Accessible Printmaking Rollers

The Arts Practitioner invited the seniors to a series of Printmaking classes. The prints were created with a variety of sponge rollers from the Wilkos range, which created an immediate effective design on paper. Acrylic was the choice of paint used, focusing on the primary colours (yellow, blue, red, and green). The artworks were created on blank wooden canvases, hardboard canvases, or special paper for panting. The foam rollers can be purchased on:

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 10.34.03
Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 10.35.06

Quality Time & One-to-One Sessions

Usually kept to small numbers of 4 -5 seniors, there were opportunities for quality time and one-to-one sessions. The Arts Practitioner would guide the arts session through conversations with the senior; asking questions about colour choices to understand their current emotions, mood, feelings and thinking. 

Printmaking Result

At the end of the printmaking class, each session would finish with a general chat about the artwork. With an interest in hearing the senior's interpretations, triggered memories, and thoughts afterwards. This beautiful and rich in color panting was created independently by Rosemary (temporary resident). She worked on top of her print with various strokes, rollers, and techniques to achieve a stunning result.


Printmaking & Mark-making in Health & Social Care

As part of Art Therapy, an exploration of self-expression in colour and mark-making with seniors who have early and advanced dementia in Arts & Crafts classes. The still image video presents collaborative creations and group work from the Residential Unit & Nursing Unit, as well as one-to-one artworks with the Dementia Unit.